Compact indoor shooting range

Single lane

Setup requirements:

  • Number of rooms: 2

Room sizes:

  • Room 1: Shooting room with shooting stand
    • incl. interior wall (WxL) 
    • min. 2.5 x 4 meter

  • Room 2: Shooting tunnel and ventilation system
    • Shooting tunnel length: 1-12 meter
    • Requirement room length: 3-15 meter
    • Requirement room width: min. 2.5 meter
    • Requirement room height: 2.5 meter


  • 1 Person shooting range
  • 1-12 meter shooting distance
  • 1 Tunnel (straight configuration)
  • bullet trap / optional for Level I/II/III 


  • TARGETMASDR consisting:
    • Computer
    • Shot detection system
    • Shot analysis system
    • Target display / Beamer
    • Touch screen
    • Shooting program with static-, dynamic targets
    • Shooter data adminstration
  • Target screen
  • Ventilation system / AC

On site client duties:

  • Procurement of all legal licenses and authorisations for the
    construction and operation of a shooting range
  • Sound insolation (walls, ground, ceiling, windows, etc.)
  • 380 V / 220 V electricity supply
  • System cabling
  • Supply air / Exhaust air
  • Mandatory security and fire safety measures


  • Air conditioning
  • Audio system
  • WLAN
  • Weapon cleaning device / space
  • others on demand

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