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To meet the tough regulations and terms of reference on air ventilation systems for the indoor shooting ranges, we meet the mandatory air flow and air quantity requirements, to ensure a comfortable clean air quality.


During the process of shooting, the shooter is not exposed to any toxic emissions. This excellent result rests upon the fact, that the air inlet into the shooting room creates a general excessive pressure, while a negative air pressure originates in the shooting tunnel . This helps transporting rapidly and efficiently  the toxic emissions from the shooter. The collected toxic particles can be obtained in our dust collector and can be easily and properly disposed.


Our mobile units are fitted with a airconditioning unit which takes care for a constant comfortable room temperature in summer and winter time.


Hazardous substances released during shooting:

Fine dust, lead, barium, antimony, zinc, copper, aluminium, nitrous gases, carbon monoxide, formaldehide, ammonia


Die erste mobile und vollintegrierte Echtschuss Schiesstrainingsanlage mit elektronischer Trefferauswertung und -anzeige, grosse Auswahl an Zielbilder und Schiessprogramme.


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The first mobile and fully integrated live-fire  training shooting system with electronic hit scoring system and a large selection of target images and shooting programs.


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