Economical. Ecological. Sustainable.

This new definition of requirement for an indoor or mobile live fire shooting range does not contradict today's oversized and not so economical infrastructure. To practice the necessary regular interval based training, you don't need a big and costly infrastructure, which often comes with a long commuting distance. You only need a secure and sound shooting environment, a target and a bench to manipulate safely on and with the weapon. If possible just nearby around the corner. That's it.


Fact: Big differences:


Sustainability Profitability:

Factor of 2.5 - 3.5 compared to traditional plants:

  • Investment costs
  • Operating costs
    • Energy costs
    • Maintenance and repair costs
    • Personnel costs

Environmental management:

  • Significantly reduced energy consumption
  • Environmental protection
  • Technical and design measures to reduce environmental impact

Fact: Close quarters combat:


A compact shooting range makes even more sense, as approximately 80-90% of all attacks and gunfights occur in a short distance of 0-6 meters. 

This shooting distance is a critical element to survival in close quarters combat shooting situations. 
Qualification standards prescribe shooting distances, and as such, dictate the training one needs to do, to qualify. And if not reality based, they can become prescriptions for failure in real life or death situations. 


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