All SHOTMASDR™ products are constructed and built according to national and international standards in particular: 

  • European-Standard
  • DIN Deutsche Industrienorm
  • German guidelines and principles for indoor shooting range (RSA)
  • VPAM Vereinigung der Prüfstellen für angriffshemmende Materialien und Konstruktionen
  • Swiss guidelines and principles of Swiss Army, division of shooting range (Swiss shooting range expert)
  • During process of construction we have benn guided and approved by official experts and surveyors
  • Our products are certified to the latest safety and fire regulations
  • Country specific guidelines and regulations will be implemented and carefully attended to

D FENCE International AG is committed and dedicated to:

  • Respecting human rights of all stakeholders of its business activities
  • Conducting our business in a manner that respects the rights and dignity of all people
  • Complying with all legal requirments
  • We are dedicated to uphold uncompromised business integrity to the highest ethical standards


Die erste mobile und vollintegrierte Echtschuss Trainingsschiessanlage mit elektronischer Trefferanzeige, Auswertungssystem und grosser Auswahl an Zielbilder und Schiessprogramme.


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World first!

The first mobile and fully integrated live-fire training shooting system with electronic hit display, evaluation system and a large selection of target images and shooting programs.


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