Legal regulations:

Safe. Secure. Monitored.

The planning and construction of all our shooting ranges are accompanied by professional shooting counsellors to the point of the successfull completion and approval. Official certification of materials and construction details may be made on demand according to european DIN/VPAM* principles and test guidelines executed by official ballistic test centers (Beschussämter). Zertifications of those tested materials will be handed out to the client. Once completed and approved the unit will then be handed over to the customer.


Attention: Please address mandated shooting range and gun control by federal, state or municipal laws.


We take a proactive approach to safety and implement consequently only fire resistant or hard inflammable materials. Our safety efforts are focussed on the impact areas to reduce the potential of a fire.


The entire potential impact areas, like the shooting stand, shooting tunnel and the bullet trap, are made of extra strength and bullet resistant steel plates. The most critical areas around the shooter are covered with certified, anti ricochet rubber plates. Splash backs from the bullet trap are not possible.


We established the best practice of air filtration for the removal of airborne contaminants for the protection of all attendees. Any malfunction of the ventilation system will shut down the shooting program immediately and audio-visual alarm turns on. 


Due to our intensive noise reduction efforts, we can guarantee not to exeed any
legal acoustic noise level, inside or outside of the range.

* DIN 10025/ 10027

   VPAM PM 2007 Fassung 2
   VPAM ARG 2012 Fassung 2
   VPAM APR 2006 Fassung 2


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