SHOTMASDR™: A versatile system

Modularity and scalability

According to your needs you can select for all type of applications (mobile-, modular- and permanent installations) the appropriate modality to optimize and to meet your requirements, either for a larger capacity (people throughput rate) or considerable wide-ranging exercises. 

Assort your shooting range


1. Select your desired shooting position

    A. without uplifting platform

    B. with uplifting platform


2. Choose the number of shooting lanes

    A. Single lane

    B. Multiple lanes


3. Arrange your training and exercise possibilities

    A. SHOTMASDR™ "basic" = static training

    B. SHOTMASDR "combat arena = dynamic training

         with interactiv shooting cinema

4. Choose the appropriate ballistic setup


Level I:  For weapon and ammunition up to 700 Joule


Level II: For weapon and ammunition up to 2000 Joule


Level III: For weapons and ammunition up  to 7000 Joule








Attention: Not for all small caliber and projectile suitable! 
Please inquire.


Die erste mobile und vollintegrierte Echtschuss Schiesstrainingsanlage mit elektronischer Trefferanzeige, Auswertungssystem und grosser Auswahl an Zielbilder und Schiessprogramme.


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The first mobile and fully integrated live-fire  training shooting system with electronic hit scoring system and a large selection of target images and shooting programs.


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