TARGETMASDR™ mobile "plug and score"

shooting training facility with hit scoring system

TARGETMASDR™ is a digital hit detection and evaluation system with integrated target displays and shooting programmes based on the latest computer and simulation technology.  TARGETMASDR ™ mobile "plug and score" is designed for applications in indoor shooting ranges. The system, which is built on castors, can be easily moved into position and "parked" again if necessary. Commissioning is just as easy. Plug in the power cable and start ("PLUG AND SCORE"). 

 For weapons and ammunition:


- EO ≤ 1500 joules (up to 4000 Joule on request)

- VO ≤ 1000m/sec 


  • Operating monitor / touch screen
  • Monitor stand


  • Shot detection and evaluation
  • Display of shots on target screen and operating monitor next to shooter
  • Numbering of the shot sequence and tabular listing of the shot sequence with time and score information
  • circular error probable (CEP)
  • Shooting programs
  • Selection of static and dynamic targets
  • Selection of picture sequences duel, "shoot - don't shoot" situations / friend - enemy situations
  • Various time-based exercises
  • Various skill exercises
  • etc.
  • Digital distance simulation (up to 25 meters)
  • Training Report
  • Data Management
  • TARGETDESIGNER™ - Production of customer-specific target images with corresponding hit zones and point assignment
  • Remote maintenance
  • etc.

unsurpassed screen reclosing properties:
service life - up to 40'000 shots!

The system can be delivered partially assembled and set up ready for operation on site in the pre-determined premises.

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