TARGETMASDR™ mobile "plug and score"

shooting training facility with hit scoring system

 For weapons and ammunition:


- EO ≤ 1500 joules

- VO ≤ 1000m/sec 


  • Operating monitor / touch screen
  • Monitor stand


  • Shot detection and evaluation
  • Display of shots on target screen and operating monitor next to shooter
  • Numbering of the shot sequence and tabular listing of the shot sequence with time and score information
  • circular error probable (CEP)
  • Shooting programs
  • Selection of static and dynamic targets
  • Selection of picture sequences duel, "shoot - don't shoot" situations / friend - enemy situations
  • Various time-based exercises
  • Various skill exercises
  • etc.
  • Digital distance simulation (up to 25 meters)
  • Training Report
  • Data Management
  • TARGETDESIGNER™ - Production of customer-specific target images with corresponding hit zones and point assignment
  • Remote maintenance
  • etc.

Model series:

Model "regular"

Model "slim"

Model "airsoft"

Fits through larger, industrial doors

Suitable for:

- Handguns up to 1500 joule

- Airsoft
- TASER (for officials only)

Fits through regular DIN doors (94.3x210/BxH)

Suitable for: 

- Handguns up to 1500 joule

- Airsoft
- TASER (for officials only)

Fits through regular DIN doors (94.3x210/BxH)


Wooden construction - Not for life fire!


Suitable for:

- Airsoft

- TASER (for officials only)


unmatched, sustainable shooting training!

operator control / touchscreen

TARGETMASDR™: unmatched, sustainable shooting training!  

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Die erste mobile und vollintegrierte Echtschuss Schiesstrainingsanlage mit elektronischer Trefferanzeige, Auswertungssystem und grosser Auswahl an Zielbilder und Schiessprogramme.


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The first mobile and fully integrated live-fire  training shooting system with electronic hit scoring system and a large selection of target images and shooting programs.


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