a solid basic training is the key to become "mission-ready"!

SHOTMASDR™: For professional, basic handgun training

 Training capabilities:

  • Shooter basics and fundamentals:
    • Stance varieties for Revolver and Pistols: Isosceles vs Weaver vs Chapman etc.
    • Stance for MP's and assault rifles
    • Proper grip, sight alignment, trigger finger placement, trigger control, recoil control/passively absorbing
    • Basic weapon handling
    • Safe load and unload of the weapon
      • Eliminate malfunctions
    • Blind disassembling and assembling of the weapon
    • Functional testing
  • Static precision shot from ready position
  • First shot training
  • One handed shooting
    • Strong hand, weak hand
  • Two handed shooting
  • Multiple shots
  • Multiple targets
  • Shooting in upstanding-, kneeing-(high and low) and prostrated positions
  • Quick draw shooting from foot-, leg-, belly-, back-, belt- or shoulder holster
  • Tactical magazine change and reload
  • Low light techniques
  • shooting behind barricades, left / right
  • Shooting on dynamic and moving targets (DPCS/digital police combat system)
  • Tactical shooting up to 180° (only modular units and fix installations)
  • CQB - Close quarter battle / ECQB - Extrem close quarter battle (0-1m)
  • shooting from 1 - 25 Meter physical distance (mobile units max. 10 Meter / modular units max. 25 Meter)
  • Multi distance shooting, digitally selectable 1-30 Meter
  • Various agility, cleverness and time related exercises
    • Friend/Enemy
    • Shooting / not shooting situations
    • Pop-up-, turning-, folding targets (digital)
  • Shooting while moving back-and forwards*
  • Shooting with electroshock guns**

*due to space limitation in mobile versions (container, semitrailer) is shotting while moving not possible, only in particular modular and permanent built versions of SHOTMASDR possible.


** only in shooting channel with max. 7m length possible


Die erste mobile und vollintegrierte Echtschuss Schiesstrainingsanlage mit elektronischer Trefferanzeige, Auswertungssystem und grosser Auswahl an Zielbilder und Schiessprogramme.


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The first mobile and fully integrated live-fire  training shooting system with electronic hit scoring system and a large selection of target images and shooting programs.


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